Low sexual stamina is something most men don’t like to think about. After all, who wants to admit that he might not be the sex god he likes to imagine he is? But acknowledging the problem is the only way to solve it and believe us, solutions exist. At Flawless Escorts, we want you to have the most exciting sex life possible. So aside from offering some of the best Sydney escorts, we’ll also give you a few tips on improving your sexual stamina.


1. Fitness
The benefits of exercise are numerous, but did you know that it also helps you last longer in bed? If you ask us, it’s just one more reason to hit the gym. If you want to improve your sexual performance, focus on your core. Strong core muscles prevent premature ejaculation and improve your thrusting abilities. So start doing sit-ups and crunches and get those abs working!

But while the core is fundamental, don’t ignore the rest of your body. Even without a core of steel, being in an overall good physical shape will significantly increase your sexual stamina. Plus, your partner won’t be able to keep their hands off of you!


2. Healthy Eating
Okay, you might be thinking to yourself, what in the world does healthy food have to do with sex? After all, you’re not planning to run a marathon — you just want to have some bedroom fun.

While sex certainly isn’t in the same rank as a marathon, it still is a physical activity. And as such, it requires nutrient-rich food to keep your body going as long as possible. So while you might enjoy your burgers and fries, don’t base your diet on them. Instead, eat balanced meals of veggies, proteins, and fiber.


3. Change up Foreplay Routine
We’re sure you understand the importance of foreplay — but as crucial as it is, it can also be the cause of you under-performing. For instance, if the foreplay involves lots of penis stimulation, you’re likely to ejaculate much earlier than you’d want to.

There are so many different types of foreplay that you’re bound to find something that works for you. Besides, changing things up can make your sex life so much better!


4. Get Better Sleep
You know how you don’t feel like doing anything when you lack sleep? Well, sex is no exception. You may really want to get it on with your partner or one of our Sydney escorts, but your tired body only craves sleep. So try as you might, you’ll end up not lasting as long as you could.

The solution is simple, make sure to get some good sleep every night. That might mean you’ll have to skip on sex sometimes, but you’ll feel well-rested and strong. And most importantly, you’ll last much longer!


Ultimately, improving sexual stamina comes down to changing your lifestyle and developing some healthy habits. Once you manage to do that, hire some of our Sydney escorts, and put yourself to the test. You’ll be surprised at how long you’ll last!